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Parent & Educator Workshops

Our Workshops convey bringing together the magic of children’s books and the power of television and teach how to tie together this unique learning opportunity for children!

Our Most Requested Workshops:

Sesame Street
Our Sesame Street Workshops explore the use of tv as an educational tool and how it can be used in conjunction with developing skills in: language & literacy, math, science, and geography; while teaching respect and tolerance.


Mr. Rogers'
Better communication the Mr. Rogers way! Workshops introduce how children watch television and why a visit to the neighborhood can extend children’s cognitive and social learning, extend their creative play, and help channel negative emotions into positive outlets.


A Place of Our Own
These workshops are for anyone who cares for young children. Learn how to foster creative learning strategies with your child including: conflict resolution, preventing childhood obesity, caring for a child with special needs, mastering the art of storytelling, and how to create a print rich environment.


Parenting Counts
Discover how to enhance communication skills and learn how to improve the cognitive, social, and emotional development of your child by focusing on positive role modeling and best parenting practices. This exciting curriculum resource is from the Talaris Research Institute.


It's a Big Big World
Explore our environmentally friendly show and workshop series that promotes wonder and discovery within your child. Come see how to incorporate science, math and literacy into your child’s everyday activities and create teachable moments and learning opportunities, that will last a lifetime.


Sid the Science Kid
The Jim Henson Company and partnering station KCET bring this fantastic series for ages 3-6, which has a unique blend of diverse characters, humor and innovative science concepts. Our workshop brings hands-on experiments to build on children's natural curiosity and enthusiasm and help promote exploration, discover, and science readiness.


Workshops and Materials are available in Spanish too!

These are just a handful of the workshops we offer, for a complete listing please contact RTL at 243-5493 or email