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Tuesday, 24 July 2012 19:59

The Artist's Blog by Christine Mac Shane- Furniture

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Give your furniture a face lift!


I love to take an old piece of outdated furniture and give it a fresh start with just some paint and a paintbrush. It’s quite easy to do once you have done the hard part… choosing your color and design. Fortunately, the internet and bookstores are full of reference materials, so even that isn’t so hard after all!


What you will need:

Your old furniture piece

Medium to coarse grit sandpaper

Rags for wiping and staining

Oil based primer

Latex paint in satin or semi-gloss

Walnut furniture stain

Brushes for paints and stains

Acrylic artists paints and brushes if painting a design

Remove all hardware or cover with painters tape to prevent painting them (unless you want the painted look).

Lightly sand the piece to remove any glossy sheen on surface. Wipe clean.

Apply oil based primer and allow to dry.

Apply latex paint and allow to dry.

Scuff any areas with sandpaper that you would like to give a worn look (usually on edges and handles where there is natural wear).

Paint any decorative designs.

Apply stain and softly rub in and off as much aging as you would like.

Replace hardware… voila! A new look for your old furniture is within your reach!

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