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North State Calendar

North State Calendar

Submitting to KIXE On-air Datebook

DATEBOOK is a free public service. KIXE gladly accepts submissions from non-profits. DATEBOOK is usually updated weekly; items should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to event. Submissions should be brief and appear as follows:

CITY or COUNTY: Round Mountain 

WHAT : Annual Spaghetti Feed

WHO: Radio KKRN Benefit

WHERE: Community Bldg. on Hwy. 299

WHEN: Saturday, February 31 @ 11 to 2

CONTACT: Phone # (OR) www.yourwebsite.com

DATEBOOK airs daily, but with no set hourly schedule. Items are shown for

10 seconds each. 

Please specify if you would like your item on our website's Community Calendar as well.

KIXE is pleased to offer these services to our valued viewers and your participation is welcome.

Submit items by FAX at 243-7443 or by email with the following link: calendar@kixe.org


Important Events happening in the North State

Date Title Venue City
Oct 16, 2017 - Jun 18, 2018 Cottonwood Garden Club Baptist Church Cottonwood
Jan 11, 2018 - Apr 13, 2018 Thursday Night @monca The Museum of Northern California Art Chico
Jan 15, 2018 - Nov 11, 2018 National Park free entrance days listing Whiskeytown National Recreation Area -
Jan 29, 2018 - Apr 07, 2018 Heaven and Hell: Historical Development Across All Religions Parish Hall Faith Lutheran Church Chico
Jan 31, 2018 - Dec 19, 2018 Islamic Golden Age Video Lectures Parish Hall Faith Lutheran Church Chico
Jan 31, 2018 - Jun 02, 2018 Shakespeare Video Lectures & Plays Parish Hall Faith Lutheran Church Chico
Jan 31, 2018 - Jun 02, 2018 LET’S PAINT with WATERCOLORS Videos Parish Hall Faith Lutheran Church Chico
Feb 01, 2018 - Feb 28, 2018 Simpson University for Seniors classes: Chemistry of Everyday Things and World War II: Owen Center, Simpson University Redding
Feb 01, 2018 - Feb 28, 2018 Art Sale to Benefit the Animals! Pawz for a Cause Boutique Redding
Feb 07, 2018 - Mar 20, 2018 Watercolors of Jim Lawrence Center for Spiritual Living- Paradise Paradise

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