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How do I become a member of KIXE PBS?

The easiest way to become a member of the station is to contact our membership coordinator Erica Poso at (530) 243-5493. There are many options for membership and Erica can easily walk you through the process. One popular suggestion is our $60 membership. For $60, or $5 a month, KIXE PBS offers access to KIXE Passport. KIXE Passport is a member benefit offering extended on-demand access to a rich library of public television programming.

How do I become a volunteer and help with station activities?

From production, clerical or just general event support, KIXE PBS offers many opportunities to become involved and help out at the station. Please contact Megan Klein at

Does the station give tours to groups and individuals?

KIXE PBS is always ready to give a tour to a group or individual. Please Call Rob Keenan at (530) 243-5493 to schedule a tour or for more details.

How do I submit an event for Community Datebook?

To submit information on a local, non-profit event, fax - (530) 243-7443 or e-mail with the title, date, time and basic information. Please provide event information about at least 3 weeks before the event date.

Does KIXE PBS make presentations to service clubs and organizations?

KIXE PBS makes numerous presentations throughout the year at various events throughout the Northstate. Contact Rob Keenan at for more details.

What is the difference between Public Television, PBS, NPR, CPB, and KIXE PBS?

Public Television - A general term that refers to stations that provide free, uninterrupted, non-commercial public television programming available to the citizens of the United States.


PBS - The Public Broadcasting Service is responsible for distributing programs to the over 300 individual public television stations across the country. Programs from PBS include Masterpiece, NOVA, Nature, Antiques Roadshow, PBS Newshour and Finding Your Roots.


NPR – National Public Radio. Though tasked with a similar mission as PBS, NPR is specifically available to public radio stations. KIXE PBS and PBS in general are in no way affiliated with NPR.

CPB - Congress created the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 1967 to administer the federal money used to fund programs, stations, and other public television related services.


KIXE PBS – Your local PBS public television station. KIXE PBS provides programming and educational outreach to the 10 most northeastern counties in California. Though KIXE PBS is partially funded by the CPB, most of our funding comes from local businesses and members. KIXE PBS is available by satellite, antenna, cable providers and as a live stream on the internet.


What is DVS?

Descriptive Video Service (DVS) is a free, national service that adds narrated descriptions of key visual elements such as actions, body language, costumes, scene changes and graphics for public television viewers who are vision impaired.

What is SAP?

Second Audio Program (SAP) is an additional track of audio provided as part of the standard broadcast signal. It is commonly used to deliver DVS, a second language or reading services for the visually impaired.


Why do you interrupt my programs during pledge drives or auctions?

On-air pledge drives are the single most important and efficient way for KIXE PBS to raise money. We try to keep the interruption to a minimum and schedule content that is interesting to our viewers.

Why do you make last minute changes to the program schedule?

Last minute changes are usually outside of our control. Main causes of schedule changes include technical glitches, program rights issues, content that is factually incorrect or special news broadcasts. We do everything possible to keep schedule changes to a minimum.

Who do I contact with any technical issues I may have?

Please contact Sue Maxey (530) 243-5493 in our engineering department, with questions or concerns involving the technical quality of KIXE PBS’ program signal.

When are KIXE Board Meetings?

Board meetings are held at 3pm on the last Thursday of each month. Board meetings are open to the general public. If you are interested in attending a KIXE PBS board meeting please contact General Manager Rob Keenan at or (530) 243-5493.

What is the CAB and how do I join?

The CAB or Community Advisory Board Is a CPB required group that advices the programming department of the station. It offers a diverse perspective on the needs and interest of our audience. The CAB meets twice a year. To attend a CAB meeting or inquire about joining, please contact Rob Keenan, Director of Content (530) 243-5493.