Message from the General Manager
Dave Cox
General Manager & CEO

I am humbled and honored to serve as your new General Manager here at KIXE TV, your local PBS station since 1964.

As with many small businesses and non-profits here in the North State, 2019 will be a year of recovery and regrowth. We are proud to announce the launch of a new membership campaign for the station, offering several affordable membership options, starting at just $60.00 a year. Additionally, a new Corporate Membership Program has been added, in which I will be personally seeking 100 local business owners throughout our many viewing communities to step up and pledge $2,500.00 annually in support KIXE and PBS.

We are also putting the finishing touches on a new web page for the station which will launch in February. This new page will be easy to use and offer current information on programming, upcoming events, and all the other good stuff happening at KIXE.

As an existing member I wish to personally thank you for your continued support, and encourage each of you to help with our membership efforts by reaching out to friends and neighbors and sharing your positive experiences about being a member of KIXE and supporting public broadcasting here in the North State.
Additionally, I want to remind our members about our vehicle donation program. With a simple call to 1-877-411-3662, you can donate your old or extra vehicle, (running or not), in support of KIXE and receive a tax deduction. You make the call and they do the rest.

Here at KIXE we are committed to continue providing quality programming and community outreach and support, but we need your help to do it. “Without you, there are no us”.

As your General Manager I am always available to discuss your thoughts, ideas and concerns. I can be reached (530) 243-5493, or by emailing me at

All the best in 2019,